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Application & Technical Notes
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Application Notes


AP-000 (111 KB)


RAE Systems PID Training Outline


Last Updated: January 2002



AP-200 (255 KB)


PIDs and Aircraft Wing Tank Entry


Last Updated: December 2005



AP-201 (66 KB)


Measuring Ammonia (NH3) with Photoionization Detectors (PIDs)


Last Updated: April 2001



AP-202 (48 KB)


The ABC's of Gases in the Industry


Last Updated: April 1999



AP-203 (318 KB)


PIDs as a HazMat Response Tool


Last Updated: July 2001



AP-204 (309 KB)


Pulp & Paper: Measuring Turpentine & ClO2


Last Updated: December 1999



AP-205 (44 KB)


Measuring Heat Transfer Fluids with a PID


Last Updated: November 1999



AP-206 (225 KB)


Guide to Atmospheric Testing in Confined Spaces


Last Updated: April 2006



AP-207 (65 KB)


PIDs as Arson Investigation Tools


Last Updated: April 2001



AP-211 (42 KB)


PIDs for Continuous Monitoring of VOCs


Last Updated: July 2001



AP-212 (162 KB)


Using PIDs for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Surveys


Last Updated: August 1999



AP-213 (48 KB)


RAEGuard PID Configuration & Applications


Last Updated: April 2006



AP-214 (39 KB)


Environmental Applications for PIDs


Last Updated: December 2005



AP-215 (57 KB)


Gas Detection in the Marine Industries


Last Updated: July 1999



AP-216 (726 KB)


en español


Using PIDs in Terrorist Chemical Attacks


Last Updated: April 2001



AP-217 (44 KB)


Confined Spaces and the Construction Industry


Last Updated: July 1999



AP-218 (184 KB)


Measurement of Fumigants in the Food Storage Industry


Last Updated: December 2004



AP-219 (195 KB)


Using PIDs for 10% of LEL Decisions


Last Updated: August 2000



AP-220 (67 KB)


Using PIDs in Clan Lab Investigations


Last Updated: September 2000



AP-221 (76 KB)


Using PIDs to Assess Exposure Risk in Unknown Environments


Last Updated: September 2000



AP-222 (111 KB)


Carbon Monoxide & Natural Gas Detection for Fire Department Engine Companies


Last Updated: March 2001



AP-226 (32 KB)


Comparison of Photoionization Detectors (PIDs) and Flame Ionization Detectors (FIDs)


Last Updated: January 2004



AP-227 (142 KB)


Using AreaRAEs for Fenceline Monitoring


Last Updated: November 2003



AP-228 (251 KB)


Facility and Venue Protection


Last Updated: September 2004



AP-229 (387 KB)


AreaRAEs for Incident Response & Law Enforcement


Last Updated: September 2003



AP-232 (70 KB)


Radioisotopes in Everyday Life


Last Updated: June 2007



AP-233 (109 KB)


Wireless Mesh Gas Detection For Oil and Gas Exploration


Last Updated: October 2008
Technical Notes



TN-106 (189 KB)
  Correction Factors, Ionization Energies, and Calibration Characteristics
  Last Updated: August 2008


TN-112 (50 KB)
  Exporting Datalogged Data to Microsoft Excel®
  Last Updated: September 2003


TN-114 (243 KB)
  Sensor Specifications and Cross-Sensitivities
  Last Updated: June 2008


TN-118 (31 KB)
  Using RAE Systems PIDs for Measuring Soil Headspace and in Soil Vapor Extractions
  Last Updated: June 2003


TN-119 (105 KB)
  Calculating STEL, TWA, Min, Max, and Average Values for ToxiRAE PIDs
  Last Updated: December 2005


TN-120 (36 KB)
  Measuring PID Correction Factors for Volatile Compounds with RAE Systems Instruments
  Last Updated: June 1997


TN-121 (97 KB)
  CO Sensor Cross-Sensitivity and Removal with a Charcoal Filter
  Last Updated: December 2005


TN-122 (66 KB)
  Compliance of RAE Systems PIDs with EPA Method 21
  Last Updated: March 2006


TN-123 (108 KB)
  Special Diagnostic Modes for RAE Systems Instruments
  Last Updated: December 2005


TN-124 (28 KB)
  PID Lamp Characteristics
  Last Updated: May 2004


TN-125 (83 KB)
  Creating Custom Correction Factors and Gas Names for the ToxiRAE II PID
  Last Updated: September 2003


TN-126 (31 KB)
  Interchangeability of Sensors in PGM-35 & PGM-50
  Last Updated: December 2000


TN-127 (41 KB)
  Benzene-Specific Measurements in Petroleum Hydrocarbons Using the RAE Systems UltraRAE
  Last Updated: April 2002


TN-130 (33 KB)
  Setting Alarm Limits for Mixtures
  Last Updated: December 1997


TN-132 (38 KB)
  Upgrading Firmware on RAE Systems Instruments
  Last Updated: May 2004


TN-133 (35 KB)
  Methylene Chloride-Specific Measurements Using the UltraRAE
  Last Updated: May 1998


TN-134 (33 KB)
  UltraRAE Bar Code Reader Patterns & Adjustments
  Last Updated: November 2003


TN-135 (38 KB)
  UltraRAE DOS Firmware & Tube Data Upgrade Procedures
  Last Updated: May 1998


TN-136 (37 KB)
  UltraRAE Operation Tips
  Last Updated: January 2002


TN-140 (55 KB)
  The Effect of Extension Tubing Volume and Vacuum on Sample Flow for RAE Systems Instruments
  Last Updated: February 2006


TN-141 (88 KB)
  Monitor Remote Control Functions
  Last Updated: April 2006


TN-142 (384 KB)
  MiniRAE 2000 & MultiRAE Pre-Preprogrammed Compound Libraries
  Last Updated: March 2006


TN-143 (40 KB)
  Accuracy Comparisons of RAE Systems Gas Detection Tubes
  Last Updated: February 2005


TN-144 (36 KB)
  Handling LEL Sensor Poisons
  Last Updated: March 1999


TN-145 (37 KB)
  Proper Care of Nickel-Cadmium Battery Packs
  Last Updated: January 2002


TN-146 (23 KB)
  Turning on UV Lamps in a PID Monitor
  Last Updated: November 2001


TN-147 (37 KB)
  UltraRAE Butadiene-Specific Measurements
  Last Updated: September 2002


TN-148 (32 KB)
  Defining the Interval Between Calibration Checks
  Last Updated: December 2004


TN-150 (1.6 MB)
  Understanding and Operating the ppbRAE Plus
  Last Updated: May 2002


TN-151 (130 KB)
  Electrochemical Sensor Replacement & Maintenance
  Last Updated: June 2008


TN-152 (39 KB)
  Effects of Operating Conditions on Oxygen Sensors
  Last Updated: February 2000


TN-153 (35 KB)
  TC (VOL %) Sensor Applications and Correction Factors
  Last Updated: September 2004


TN-154 (26 KB)
  SampleRAE Correction Factors
  Last Updated: January 2002


TN-155 (26 KB)
  2-Year Oxygen Sensor Installation & Calibration
  Last Updated: March 2002


TN-156 (75 KB)
  Correction Factors for Combustible Gas (LEL) Sensors
  Last Updated: June 2008


TN-157 (57 KB)
  Moisture Exchange Tubes for Humidity Control of Test Gases
  Last Updated: May 2001


TN-158 (46 KB)
  Conversion of PID Readings to Methane Equivalent or Hexane Equivalent FID Response
  Last Updated: February 2006


TN-159 (169 KB)
  Chemical Warfare Agent Measurements by PID
  Last Updated: March 2006


TN-160 (56 KB)
  Upgrading MultiRAE/QRAE NiCd Battery Pack
  Last Updated: March 2001


TN-161 (70 KB)
  Intrinsic Safety and Hazardous Locations
  Last Updated: January 2002


TN-162 (114 KB)
  Use of C-Filter Plugs
  Last Updated: October 2002


TN-163 (578 KB)
  Addressing MiniRAE 2000 Moisture Sensitivity
  Last Updated: December 2005

TN-164 (774 KB)
  Sharing AreaRAE Assets
  Last Updated: January 2002


TN-165 (54 KB)
  Combating Drift in Portable and Fixed PIDs
  Last Updated: January 2002


TN-166 (86 KB)
  Lithium-ion Batteries
  Last Updated: January 2002


TN-167 (119 KB)
  Proper Use of Dilution Fittings on Pumped Monitors
  Last Updated: December 2005


TN-169 (49 KB)
  Theory and Operation of NDIR Sensors
  Last Updated: April 2002


TN-170 (247 KB)
  USB to Serial Port Adaptor
  Last Updated: July 2004

TN-172 (843 KB)
  Ensuring Measurement Accuracy and Consistency of the ppbRAE by Calibrating with a RAE Systems Single-Use VOC Zeroing Tube
  Last Updated: June 2002


TN-173 (74 KB)
  Operation Guide for Demand-Flow Regulators for Calibration Gases
  Last Updated: September 2002


TN-174 (37 KB)
  Decontamination Procedures for Monitors Exposed to Chemical Warfare Agents
  Last Updated: September 2002


TN-176 (271 KB)
  Basics of Nuclear Radiation
  Last Updated: April 2005


TN-177 (84 KB)
  ITRAP Certification of Radiation Monitors (Illicit Trafficking Raditaion Assessment Program)
  Last Updated: April 2003


TN-178 (87 KB)
  Humidity Filtering II Tube for PID Measurements in Humid Environments
  Last Updated: October 2003


TN-179 (64 KB)
  Effect of Methanol and Glycols on Water Vapor Tubes
  Last Updated: November 2004


TN-180 (46 KB)
  SPE (Solid Polymer Electrolyte) Oxygen Sensor
  Last Updated: December 2005


TN-181 (47 KB)
  Managing Large Datalog Files in ProRAE Remote
  Last Updated: November 2004


TN-182 (530 KB)
  Basics of Wireless Security
  Last Updated: December 2004


TN-183 (400 KB)
  ProRAE Remote Host Controller: Communication Troubleshooting Guide
  Last Updated: April 2005


TN-184 (27 KB)
  EntryRAE Duty Cycling
  Last Updated: May 2005


TN-185 (184 KB)
  Response Guidelines for Inadvertent Movement or Illicit Trafficking of Radioactive Material
  Last Updated: September 2005


TN-186 (94 KB)
  MiniRAE 3000 & ppbRAE 3000 Pre-Programmed Compound Libraries
  Last Updated: June 2008

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