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Documentation / MSDS
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ATEX Certification (130 KB)

CCoE Certification - Fixed Systems (279 KB)

CCoE Certification - Portable Products (366 KB)

ISO 9001:2000 Certification - US, China (40 KB)


UL Certifications
To access the UL Certifications, type 'RAE Systems' in the Company Name field and click Search.
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)
  • Batteries
  • Calibration Gas Mixtures
  • Sensors and Methanol Lamp Cleaning Kit
  • Tubes

MSDS for Lead Acid Battery (147 KB)

MSDS for Lithium-ion Battery (110 KB)

MSDS for Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) Battery (156 KB)

MSDS for Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery (64 KB)
Calibration Gas Mixtures

MSDS for 4-Gas mixture with Hydrogen Sulfide (H 2S) (323 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0050-000; 600-0050-001; 600-0050-003; 600-0050-004; 600-0050-007

MSDS for 4-Gas mixture with Sulfur Dioxide (SO 2) (323 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0050-002

MSDS for Air or LEL-Pentane and Hexane (299 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0024-000; 600-0061-000; 600-0061-001; 600-0070-000; 600-0083-000

MSDS for Ammonia (NH 3) (303 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0058-000

MSDS for Benzene (334 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0063-000

MSDS for Butadiene (329 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0088-000

MSDS for Carbon Dioxide (CO2 - LEL) (122 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0129-000 (also need MSDS for CO); 600-0139-000

MSDS for Carbon Monoxide (CO and LEL-CO) (335 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0052-000; 600-0114-000; 600-0129-000; 600-0136-000; 600-0168-000

MSDS for Chlorine (Cl2) (329 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0056-000

MSDS for Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) (337 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0057-000

MSDS for Hydrogen Sulfide (H 2S) and H2S LEL (300 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0051-000; 600-0093-000; 600-0138-000; 600-0159-000

MSDS for Isobutylene (288 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0001-000; 600-0002-000; 600-0002-001; 600-0026-000; 600-0027-000; 600-0069-000

MSDS for LEL-Methane, Ethane, and Hydrogen (298 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0071-000; 600-0071-020

MSDS for Methane (20 VOL%) (324 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0071-030; 600-0137-000

MSDS for Nitric Oxide (NO) (348 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0054-000

MSDS for Nitrogen (N2) (284 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0062-000

MSDS for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO 2) (322 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0055-000

MSDS for Phosphine (PH3) (322 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0059-000

MSDS for Propane (312 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0066-001

MSDS for Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) (323 KB)
  RAE Systems P/N: 600-0053-000
Sensors and Methanol Lamp Cleaning Kit

MSDS for Oxygen Sensors (57 KB)

MSDS for Toxic Gas Sensors (58 KB)

MSDS for Methanol Lamp Cleaning Kit (1.1 MB)

MSDS Safety Information Regarding Colorimetric Gas Tubes (11 KB)

MSDS for Smoke Tubes (39 KB)

MSDS for RAE-SepTM Benzene Tubes (37 KB)

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