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Obtain updates and downloads for RaspoRae Systems' software below, including patches and maintenance releases.
For information on how to access the files once you have completed the download, please see
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To download older versions, visit Download ARCHIVES section.


AreaAlarm v.1.01B (10.6 KB)
  Firmware - AreaAlarm v.1.01B
  Last Updated: March 2004



AreaCom v.1.11 (10.1 KB)
  Firmware - AreaCom v.1.11
  Last Updated: January 2002



AreaRAE series v.3.03B (363 KB)
  Products supported : AreaRAE Gamma Plastic, AreaRAE Gamma Plastic with GPS, AreaRAE Gamma Steel, AreaRAE Gamma Steel with GPS, AreaRAE Plastic, AreaRAE Plastic with GPS, AreaRAE Steel, AreaRAE Steel with GPS
  Firmware - AreaRAE series v.3.03B
  Last Updated: October 2007



AreaRAE IAQ v.1.05A (30 KB)
  Firmware - AreaRAE IAQ v.1.05A
  Last Updated: October 2005



AutoRAE Controller Firmware Version 5.00 (ZIP Archive, 81.1 KB)
  Products supported: QRAE II diffusion, QRAE, QRAE+, EntryRAE, MultiRAE+, MiniRAE2000
  Firmware - AutoRAE Controller v. 5.00



Utility Program for upgrading AutoRAE firmware (340 KB)


Last Updated: October 2007



AutoRAE Lite v.1.21 (98 KB)
  Firmware - AutoRAE Lite v.1.21
  Last Updated: July 2008



AutoRAE II Utility v.1.01 (5.73 MB)
  Firmware - AutoRAE II Utility v.1.01
  Last Updated: May 2008



EntryRAE v.1.30 (89 KB)
  Firmware - EntryRAE v.1.30
  Last Updated: October 2007



GammaRAE II v.3.30 (544 KB)
  Firmware - GammaRAE II v.3.30
  Last Updated: May 2008



HazRAE Software
  Application software - HazRAE v3.0
  Last Updated: October 2006



IAQRAE v.1.05A (30 KB)
  Firmware - IAQRAE v.1.05A
  Last Updated: October 2005



MiniRAE 2000 Firmware Version 2.00 (ZIP Archive, 27.6 KB)
  Firmware - MiniRAE 2000 v.2.00D
  Last Updated: October 2008



MiniRAE 3000 v.103 (861 KB)
  Firmware - MiniRAE 3000 v.103
  Last Updated: August 2008



MiniRAE 3000 / PPBRAE 3000 Charging Cradle Driver (301 KB)
  MiniRAE 3000 / PPBRAE 3000 Charging Cradle Driver [Driver has been updated to include Vista (x86/x64) support]
  Last Updated: June 2008



MultiRAE Plus Firmware Version 3.21C (ZIP Archive, 30.9 KB)
  Firmware - MultiRAE Plus v.3.21C
  Last Updated: February 2008



ppbRAE/ppbRAE Plus Firmware Version 2.02B (ZIP Archive, 25.8 KB)
  Firmware - ppbRAE/ppbRAE Plus v.2.02B
  Last Updated: October 2007



ProRAE Remote Software Version 2.01 (ZIP Archive, 23749.9 KB)
  Software - ProRAE Remote Version 2.01
  Last Updated: March 2007



ProRAE Remote v.1.41 (1.8 MB)
  ProRAE Remote v.1.41 is an upgrade package for existing ProRAE Remote customers to upgrade their current version.
  Last Updated: June 2004



ProRAE Remote GPS v.1.03 (3.76 MB)
  ProRAE Remote GPS v.1.03 is an upgrade package for existing ProRAE Remote GPS customers to upgrade their current version.
Note: Prior to upgrading the GPS software, please upgrade to ProRAE Remote v1.41.



ProRAE Studio Version 1.13(ZIP Archive, 7979.7 KB)
  Software - ProRAE Studio Version 1.13
  Products supported: QRAE II, EntryRAE, MiniRAE3000, ppbRAE3000



ProRAE Studio Radiation v 1.20 (ZIP Archive, 8775.4 KB)
  Software - ProRAE Studio Radiation Version 1.20
  Products supported: GammaRAE II, GammaRAE II R (previously GammaRAE II responder), NeutronRAE II



ProRAE Suite Version 3.32 (ZIP Archive, 15794.1 KB)
  Software - ProRAE Suite v3.32
  Products supported: ToxiRAE PID, QRAE, QRAE+, VRAE, MultiRAE+, MultiRAE IR, MiniRAE 2000, ppbRAE+, UltraRAE, AreaRAE series, SentryRAE series, IAQRAE



QRAE v.3.21C (31 KB)
  Firmware - QRAE v.3.21C
  Last Updated: February 2008



QRAE Plus v.2.05 (63 KB)
  Firmware - QRAE Plus v.2.05
  Last Updated: October 2007



QRAE II Firmware version 1.11A (ZIP Archive, 128.8 KB)


Firmware - QRAE II v. 1.11A



RAEWriter Software Version 1.0 (ZIP Archive, 1035.1 KB)


Software - RAEWriter v. 1.0



RtfChop Utility (7.1 KB)
  Please refer to TN-181 for instructions on how to use this utility.

SentryRAE v.2.32 (30.1 KB)
  Firmware - SentryRAE v.2.32

UltraRAE v.2.35 (21.2 KB)
  Firmware - UltraRAE v.2.35

VRAE v.2.03 (56 KB)
  Firmware - VRAE v.2.03



Wireless P2P Utility Program Version 1.01 (ZIP Archive, 110.3 KB)


Software - Wireless P2P Utility v. 1.01

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